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Better Vein Care, Safer Injection
Better Vein Care, Safer Injection - Pictures and Text Together
Better Vein Care, Safer Injection - Spanish Pictures and Text Together
Better Vein Care, Safer Injection - Romanian Text
Better Vein Care, Safer Injection - Croation TEXT
Better Vein Care, Safer Injection - English TEXT
Better Vein Care, Safer Injection - Russian Pictures and Text Together
Guidelines and Protocols
Harm Reduction Outreach with Syringe Exchange - Guidelines and Operating Procedures
Background and Protocol for Harm Reduction Practice
Josh Bamberger's Abscess Identification and Treatment
Treatment and Other Referral Assistance Guide
Guide for Assisting Management of Volunteers in Harm Reduction Practice
Substance Use Management: A Harm Reduction-Principled Approach to Assisting the Relief of Drug-Related Problems
New Overdose Prevention Law in Illinois
OVERDOSE Prevention and Response A Guide for People Who Use Drugs and Harm Reduction Staff in Eastern Europe and Central Asia by Matt Curtis and Lydia Guterman, 2009
Key summary of six US-based naloxone distribution programs - Traci C. Green et al, Yale University
Article about CRA's Opiate Overdose Prevention Program - 2006
OD Intervention Card -- Using Naloxone
OD Intervention Approach Using Naloxone in Russian
OD Intervention Poster -- Using Naloxone
Opiate OD Prevention/Intervention Training -- Slideshow
Opiate OD Prevention/Intervention Training -- Pre/Post Test
Injection Partner OD Checklist
Form for Opiate Overdose Prevention Contact
Consequences of the Hepatitis C Infection
Poster Describing Means of Hepatitis B and C Transmission
Chicago Recovery Alliance Information
Complete list of CRA sites and staff phone contact info
CRA Research Forms with Keys including participant code info
Chart of Syringes In Environment Prior to and After Initiating Syringe Exchange
CRA Annual Report, 2005
CRA Annual Report, 2006
CRA Annual Report, 2007
CRA Annual Report, 2008
CRA Annual Report, 2009
CRA Annual Report, 2010
CRA Annual Report, 2011
CRA Annual Report, 2012
CRA Annual Report, 2013
CRA Annual Report, 2014